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Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Nashville is a truck and trailer repair business started in 2006. We set a standard in our industry by providing the best quality truck and trailer repairs in our area. We strive to be efficient to keep you on the road day and night.

With 30 employees, 20 road service units and a full service shop, we are staffed to cover all of Nashville and surrounding areas. We have diagnostic scanners in shop and on our mobile service trucks. We stay up to date on the latest truck technology and send our tech to training on regular basis. We stock a majority of the most commonly used truck and trailer parts in shop and on our mobile service trucks.


Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Nashville Reviews

Stretch Bailey

"While traveling through Louisville, KY, we were stranded on the side of I-65 with a major breakdown after something on the roadway wrapped  around the drive shaft and ripped all the wiring, brake lines, etc., out from under the truck. Of course it's on a Saturday, everything closed, temps in the 90's, and 4 horses on the trailer! Marty, from Onsite Truck & Trailer worked for hours without stopping to get us up and running. He explained the problem, his plan to solve it, and gave us the rate of charges we could expect. We were extended every courtesy as far as our comfort, our concerns were addressed with the utmost respect, and as promised, he got us up & running. First rate service and a standup guy! Many thanks!

Wings of Care

"I unfortunately broke broke down in Lexington, KY a few weeks back. After contacting Onsite they sent Ziggy out. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was able to figure out that the connector on my ignition switch was loose. He fixed it and had me rolling in no time."

Eric Ortiz

"The most impossible breakdown senario I can think of happened to me! My 2014 Peterbilt had the clutch lever that sits beside the transmission just below the clutch pedal linkage, break where the bolt goes through it!  Ziggy came through! He took his time and made expert modifications that not only got me quickly back on the road, but saved me time and money! Ziggy thank you for your excellent service and your pleasant manners.  My wife & I will definitely post this experience on FB! Your Awesome!! God bless you and your family brother!"

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Services we offer Nashville fleets:

  • ​U-Joints and Carrier Bearings

  • Lights

  • ​Trailer Repair

  • Fluids

  • Truck and Trailer Services

  • Wheel Seals

  • ​Brakes and Brake Chambers

  • Mud Flaps

  • Fleet Services

  • Quality Truck and Trailer Repairs

  • Batteries

  • Air Lines and Glad Hands

  • Fuel and Water Pumps

  • Emergency Services

  • Truck Repair

  • ​Trailer Replacements

  • Mobile Mechanics

  • Preventative Maintenance​

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • ​Filters

  • ​Starters and Alternators

  • Repair Fleet Vehicles

  • ​Air Dryers

  • Welding

  • Dot Inspections

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service Repairs Your Commercial Vehicles and RVs in Nashville, TN

Automobile owners usually don't have to worry about where to take their vehicle for service. There are also plenty of roadside assistance companies for passenger cars and SUVs. But if you manage a fleet of commercial or trucking vehicles that need emergency repairs, where can you go?

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service was founded specifically for the needs of fleet and commercial vehicles. For more than a decade we've offered mobile truck and trailer service within a 50-mile radius of Nashville. We diagnose and repair problems on vehicles from notable manufacturers including Peterbilt, Isuzu, Mack, Wabash National, and more. 

Services That We Provide

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service can repair and perform maintenance on semi trucks, vans, trailers, boat trailers, motor coaches, diesel pickup trucks, and RVs. We can replace, repair, and rotate tires, change fluids, fix brakes, replace batteries, and perform other routine maintenance. We can also do extensive repair work including mechanical repairs, welding, hydraulic repairs, and more. Our on-site shop conducts preventative maintenance and DOT inspections to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate and take on the road.

We Specialize in Servicing Nashville, TN Fleets

Bringing a fleet of vehicles to a qualified dealer for service can cost you and your business precious time. Instead of having your employees bring a fleet of trucks or vans to a dealer for service, call us instead for on-site scheduled maintenance and repairs. We bring all of the necessary parts and equipment to you, helping to minimize downtime that could be spent instead operating your business.

With our on-site fleet service you'll also know immediately what repairs and services are needed on your vehicles. We offer a fleet service discount to regular customers who are in good payment standing.

We Offer Roadside Truck Repair

Experiencing a breakdown of one of your fleet vehicles can be stressful for both you and your employee. If it happens within a 50-mile radius of Nashville, contact Onsite Truck and Trailer Service for prompt service. We diagnose and repair oil leaks, water pumps, starters, alternators, coolant leaks, and more right on the road. If you find you've locked yourself out of your vehicle, we can safely unlock it without causing damage. Our mission is to get your vehicle up and running safely as quickly as possible.

We Perform Onsite Trailer Repair

We also service trailers of all kinds including boat trailers so that it's in great condition to carry your cargo safely. Onsite Truck and Trailer Service performs roof repairs, suspension work, air bag repair, door hinge repair, flooring repair, side panel patches, and more.

We Always Keep Major Parts Stocked

We always ensure our on-site shop inventory has plenty of parts stocked for several brands of fleet vehicles. Our shop inventory includes tires, rims, batteries, engine oil, brakes, starters, headlights, trailer lights, filters, and more. We regularly perform inventory to ensure we don't run low on or out of a part.

Contact Us For Nashville Area Motor Coach Repair and Service

The last thing a motor coach or RV owner wants is to experience a breakdown while enjoying a road trip. Onsite can provide road service for your light or heavy duty motor coach or RV. Our mobile equipment has the ability to read electronic engine data onsite and we can perform many services on the road such as installing a new tire, replacing oil and fluids, replacing the battery, and more. If your vehicle needs more extensive repairs, we'll transport your motor coach or RV to our onsite repair shop to perform the job there.

What Makes Onsite Truck and Trailer Service Different?

We understand the unique needs of those who own or operate fleet commercial vehicles and trailers. We pride ourselves on providing fast, friendly service to our customers. Whether you find yourself in a jam with a semi truck that won't start while on the road, or your fleet of commercial vans need regularly scheduled maintenance, we can perform services for you that get your vehicles back up and running as quickly as possible. Our professional service technicians have worked on trucks and commercial vehicles from all of the major manufacturers, and we keep parts from these makers stocked at all times.

Our Nashville area roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day so you don't have to wait until morning for help. We understand that commercial fleet companies operate at all hours of the day to keep business moving. We are a fully licensed repair company and carry workman's compensation.

Contact Us For Your Nashville Area Fleet Vehicle Service Needs

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service is always ready to service your commercial fleet vehicle, trailer, or motor home. Contact us at (855) 873-6674 to make an appointment at our onsite shop or for emergency roadside service.

About Nashville, TN

It is the capital of Tennessee. It has a population of 692,587. This city is the center for healthcare, music, private prison, publishing, transportation and banking industries. Several colleges and universities are housed in Nashville. Some prominent ones are Tennessee State University, Fisk University, Lipscomb University and so on. Music is a major contributor to its economy. It is home to several recording centers. It is also home to the popular guitar company Gibson. Healthcare is another contributor to its economy. Hospital corporation of America being a major one. The automotive industry is also a contributor to its economy. Music across several genres is vibrantly enjoyed here and is the main source of entertainment here. Music also attracts tourists to its fold and it is one of the factors for the growth of the tourism industry here. Places of interest include Nashville Zoo, The Parthenon, Ryman Auditorium and so on.

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