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Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Louisville is a truck and trailer repair business started in 2006. We set a standard in our industry by providing the best quality truck and trailer repairs in our area. We strive to be efficient to keep you on the road day and night.

With 30 employees, 20 road service units and a full service shop, we are staffed to cover all of Louisville and surrounding areas. We have diagnostic scanners in shop and on our mobile service trucks. We stay up to date on the latest truck technology and send our tech to training on regular basis. We stock a majority of the most commonly used truck and trailer parts in shop and on our mobile service trucks.


Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Louisville Reviews

Skye Blue

"Dave and Ben were super professional with everything I got done! I would highly recommend asking for these guys and I will be a repeat customer at Onsite Truck and Trailer!"

Teddy Lacy

"Donnie is a awesome mechanic and very personable I hope he is rewarded for his outstanding service thanks for the prompt service I always get"

Sydney hedge

"I had a truck to go down.  I called several places and they told me it would be days to get my turbo replaced.  Onsite was able to get me up and going the same day and i was able to deliver the load i had on time.  I would use them anytime i need them. Thanks!"

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Services we offer Louisville fleets:

  • Fluids

  • Brakes and Brake Chambers

  • Emergency Services

  • Batteries

  • U-Joints and Carrier Bearings

  • Mud Flaps

  • Wheel Seals

  • Filters

  • Preventative Maintenance​

  • ​Trailer Repair

  • Dot Inspections

  • Truck Repair

  • Starters and Alternators

  • ​Fuel and Water Pumps

  • Trailer Replacements

  • Air Dryers

  • Quality Truck and Trailer Repairs

  • Fleet Services

  • Air Lines and Glad Hands

  • Welding

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • Repair Fleet Vehicles

  • Mobile Mechanics

  • Truck and Trailer Services

  • Lights

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service Was Designed for Fleet Vehicle Customers

If you own or operate a commercial truck or van, you're aware that you can't have your vehicle serviced at any car repair shop; it has to be handled by professional technicians that specialize in these types of vehicles. Bringing these vehicles in for service also creates downtime in your business that could otherwise be spent serving customers.

That's why we founded Onsite Truck and Trailer Service. We specifically service and repair fleet and commercial truck, van, and trailer owners. We also offer emergency roadside assistance within a 50-mile radius of Louisville and we service fleets on-site by bringing our equipment to your place of business. Our highly experienced service technicians have worked on vehicles manufactured by Mack, Peterbilt, Isuzu, Great Dane, Wabash National, Volvo, and more.

Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Services We Provide in Louisville

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service has over a decade of experience repairing and maintaining semi trucks, vans, motor coaches, RVs, trailers, boat trailers, diesel pickup trucks, and more. Our technicians perform tire replacement, repair, and rotation, fluid changes, brake replacement, battery replacement, mechanical repairs, welding, and hydraulic repairs just to name a few. We can complete preventative maintenance on your vehicle at our on-site shop or conveniently do it at your business address. Need to make sure your vehicles are road-ready and safe? We perform DOT inspections.

We Bring the Service Technicians to You

Bringing your fleet vehicles to a specialized shop for regular scheduled maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and keeps your business running smoothly. But it also takes time away from your hours of operation that could otherwise be spent serving customers.

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service solves this problem by conveniently bringing our technicians to you to perform repairs and maintenance right at your business site. All of our mobile service units contain the latest parts and equipment for your fleet vehicles. We also bring diagnostics software to troubleshoot and repair your vehicle. 

You'll know immediately what repairs and services are needed for your vehicles, and our flexibility means we can come to you when it's convenient to help minimize the amount of downtime. We also offer fleet service discounts to Louisville, KY customers who are in good payment standing. 

Contact Us for 24 Hour Louisville Emergency Roadside Truck Repair

The last thing you want when you're running a fleet business is for a truck or other vehicle to break down while making deliveries. If this happens to one of your employees within a 50-mile radius of Louisville, call us for prompt 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. Our mobile service units are prepared to change tires, detect and repair oil leaks, and fix coolant leaks, water pumps, faulty starters, and alternators. We also perform lockout service without damaging your vehicle and are often more cost-effective than calling a locksmith.

We're Your Go-To Trailer Maintenance and Repair Shop

It's easy to overlook trailer maintenance when you prioritize maintaining the vehicle that tows it. But trailers need to be maintained so they can safely carry your precious cargo. Contact Onsite Truck and Trailer Service for roof repairs, suspension work, door hinge repair and replacement, flooring repair, side panel patches, overhead door repair, and more to all standard trailers and boat trailers. We'll inspect your trailer and run through any needed repairs to it before you take it out on the road.

We Keep Fleet Vehicle and Trailer Parts Well Stocked

Our on-site shop stocks tires, rims, batteries, engine oil, brakes, starters, headlights, trailer lights, filters, and more for all types of fleet and commercial vehicles and trailers. We also sell used tires still in good condition, and regularly count and replenish our stock to ensure we don't run low or out of a part.

We Perform Louisville Area Motor Coach Repair and Service

Motor coach and RV owners love their vehicles and the freedom of traveling on the open road without the need to book a hotel or motel room. But a flat tire or dead battery can quickly take the fun out of a motor home road trip. Onsite can provide emergency roadside assistance on your RV or motor home as well as regular maintenance at our on-site shop. We can install new tires, replace the oil, fluids, and battery, check the starter, and more. Contact us to help keep your Louisville are motor coach or RV road-ready.

How Onsite Truck and Trailer Service is Different

We love servicing commercial and fleet vehicles and our employees have over 200 years of combined service in the fleet vehicle repair industry. We're committed to providing fast, friendly, and professional service. Our goal is to get your vehicles back up and running as quickly as possible. Our professional service technicians have worked on trucks and commercial vehicles from all of the major manufacturers, and they regularly receive continuing education and training to stay competitive in our industry.

Our Louisville area roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day so you never have to worry about receiving prompt help. We're also here to service commercial fleet companies on-site so you can avoid interrupting your operations. We are a fully licensed business and carry workman's compensation.

Contact Us For Louisville Area Fleet Vehicle Service and Emergency Roadside Assistance

Contact us at (855) 873-6674 if you need roadside assistance for your semi truck, commercial van, or motor home, or to make an appointment for us to come service your fleet.

About Louisville, KY

It is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. It has a population of 597,337. Several companies and organizations are housed in Louisville that contributes to its economy. The main contributor though is shipping and cargo. There are many events held in this city that ups its cultural front. The annual festivals like Kentucky derby, Pegasus parade, balloon race, a steamboat race, fireworks display and much more. It is at such times that this city is visited by people from far and wide to take part and enjoy these festivities and also know about the city. Some of the places of interest in this city are Kentucky Science Center, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Frazier History Museum, Muhammad Ali Center, Bourbon Baroque, Louisville Zoo, The Louisville Palace and many more.  The notable people of this city are Terry Adams- musician, Muhammad Ali-boxing champion, John James Audubon-ornithologist, and many more.

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