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Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Knoxville is a truck and trailer repair business that started in 2006. We set a standard in our industry by providing the best quality truck and trailer repairs in our area. We strive to be efficient to keep you on the road day and night.

With 30 employees, 20 road service units and a full service shop, we are staffed to cover all of Knoxville and surrounding areas. We have diagnostic scanners in shop and on our mobile service trucks. We stay up to date on the latest truck technology and send our tech to training on regular basis. We stock a majority of the most commonly used truck and trailer parts in shop and on our mobile service trucks.


Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Knoxville Reviews

Ricardo Aguirre

"It is so hard to find a shop that you can trust. The Onsite team is honest, they actually care about customer service, and they really know their stuff!"

Ala Khatib

"Driver had his ICC bumper come off at a nearby customer. These guys are great. Called Dan in service and he was nothing but GREAT help. they found the least expensive way of doing things for me. any other shop would've forced me into buying a new bumper. these guys straightened, welded, sanded, painted and re-taped it. AWESOME work guys. in Louisville frequently. 100% my go to guys when i go down there and need something. Thanks Fellas!"

Robert Brown

"It sucks to breakdown but nice to know their are some good companies left. Ziggy came out and got me going after my truck broke down. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks again Ziggy!"

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Services we offer Knoxville fleets:

  • Repair Fleet Vehicles

  • Air Lines and Glad Hands

  • ​Wheel Seals

  • Brakes and Brake Chambers

  • ​Trailer Repair

  • Fluids

  • U-Joints and Carrier Bearings

  • Emergency Services

  • ​Fuel and Water Pumps

  • Truck and Trailer Services

  • Trailer Replacements

  • Batteries

  • Truck Repair

  • ​Starters and Alternators

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • Welding

  • Mobile Mechanics

  • Filters

  • Dot Inspections

  • Air Dryers

  • Mud Flaps

  • Fleet Services

  • Lights

  • Quality Truck and Trailer Repairs

  • Preventative Maintenance​

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service Is Your Go-To Fleet Vehicle Repair Company

Passenger vehicle owners have plenty of options when it comes to servicing their car or SUV. They also don't have to worry about finding a roadside assistance company. But if you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles or drive for such a business, finding someone who can efficiently maintain and repair your vehicles can be challenging.

This is where Onsite Truck and Trailer Service comes in. We founded our business more than a decade ago specifically to address the unique needs of fleet and commercial trucks, vans, and other vehicles. We also offer roadside assistance within a 50-mile radius of Knoxville, TN. We can diagnose and repair problems on vehicles from notable brands including Mack, Peterbilt, Isuzu, Great Dane, Wabash National, Volvo, and more.

Services We Provide

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service repairs and performs maintenance on semi trucks, vans, trailers, boat trailers, motor coaches, diesel pickup trucks, and RVs. We can replace, repair, and rotate tires, change fluids, fix brakes, replace batteries, and perform other routine maintenance. We can also do extensive repair work including mechanical repairs, welding, hydraulic repairs, and more. Our on-site shop carries out preventative maintenance and DOT inspections to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate and take on the road.

We Are Committed to Knoxville, TN Fleet Service

Regularly having your fleet vehicles serviced can prevent unexpected breakdowns and downtime that can cost you and your operation precious time. But bringing vehicles to a service shop can take time away from running your business as well.

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service has the solution: we bring our technicians to you to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs at your place of business. Our mobile service units carry all of the latest parts and equipment including the latest diagnostics software to uncover any issue on your vehicles.

You'll enjoy the transparency of immediately knowing what repairs and service are needed. We can also come to you at a time that's most convenient for you. Our flexible service provides peace of mind so you can focus on your customers and running your business.

We offer a fleet service discount to regular Knoxville, TN customers who are in good payment standing.

Contact Us For Emergency Roadside Truck Repair

If your fleet vehicle breaks down and your driver finds themselves stranded within a 50-mile radius of Knoxville, contact Onsite Truck and Trailer Service for prompt roadside assistance. Our mobile service technicians are equipped to detect and repair oil leaks, water pump problems, faulty starters and alternators, coolant leaks, and more right on the road. If you find you've locked yourself out of your vehicle, we can safely disable the lock without causing damage. In many instances we are more cost effective than calling a locksmith to do the job. 

We Repair Trailers in the Knoxville Area

It's important to ensure your trailer is in great condition to carry your cargo safely. Onsite Truck and Trailer Service can perform roof repairs, suspension work, door hinge repair and replacement, flooring repair, side panel patches, overhead door repair, and more to standard trailers and boat trailers.

We Stock Brand Name Parts

We always ensure our on-site shop inventory has plenty of parts stocked for several brands of fleet vehicles. Our shop inventory includes tires, rims, batteries, engine oil, brakes, starters, headlights, trailer lights, filters, and more. We regularly perform inventory to ensure we don't run low on or out of a part.

We Perform Knoxville Area Motor Coach Repair and Service

The last thing a motor coach or RV owner wants is to experience is a breakdown while enjoying a road trip. Onsite can provide road service for your light or heavy duty motor coach or RV. Our mobile equipment has the ability to read electronic engine data onsite and we can perform many services on the road such as installing a new tire, replacing oil and fluids, replacing the battery, and more. If your vehicle needs more extensive repairs, we'll transport your motor coach or RV to our onsite repair shop to perform the job there.

What Makes Onsite Truck and Trailer Service Different?

Onsite Truck and Trailer Service is committed to providing fast, friendly service to anyone who owns or operates a fleet vehicle. We perform services for you that get your vehicles back up and running as quickly as possible. Our professional service technicians have worked on trucks and commercial vehicles from all of the major manufacturers, and our employees have over 200 years of combined service in the fleet vehicle repair industry.

We always stay up to date on the latest truck technology and regularly send our technicians to the most cutting-edge training in the market.

Our Knoxville area roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day so you don't have to wait for help. We understand that commercial fleet companies operate at all hours of the day to keep business moving. We are a fully licensed repair company and carry workman's compensation. 

Contact Us For Your Knoxville Area Fleet Vehicle Service Needs

Contact us at (855) 873-6674 to make an appointment at our onsite shop the next time you need service for your semi truck, commercial van, motor home, or trailer.

About Knoxville, TN

This city of Tennessee has a population of 178,874. It is home to the campus of the University of Tennessee. It is a repository of Appalachian culture. Arts, outdoor concerts, and other cultural events have revitalized this once a manufacturing hub. It has a diversified economy with education, retail sector, leisure activities, government establishments and so on contributing their little bit to it. It is also a center for manufacturing of automobile parts. It is home to Tennessee Valley Authority and Regal Entertainment Group, major economic contributors. Places of interest in Knoxville are Ijams Nature Center, Zoo Knoxville, Sunsphere, Market Square, South Gay Street, Little River, Seven Islands States Birding Park and many more. Notable people of Knoxville include Poly Bergen- singer & actress. Alexander Arthur- entrepreneur, Randall Collins- sociologist and many more. The popular events of this city are Bacon Fest, Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Asian Festival and many more.

Are you new to Knoxville? Check out these local favorites:

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