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Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Knoxville is a truck and trailer repair business that started in 2006. We set a standard in our industry by providing the best quality truck and trailer repairs in our area. We strive to be efficient to keep you on the road day and night.

With 30 employees, 20 road service units and a full service shop, we are staffed to cover all of Knoxville and surrounding areas. We have diagnostic scanners in shop and on our mobile service trucks. We stay up to date on the latest truck technology and send our tech to training on regular basis. We stock a majority of the most commonly used truck and trailer parts in shop and on our mobile service trucks.

Onsite Truck & Trailer Service Knoxville Reviews

Ricardo Aguirre

"It is so hard to find a shop that you can trust. The Onsite team is honest, they actually care about customer service, and they really know their stuff!"

Ala Khatib

"Driver had his ICC bumper come off at a nearby customer. These guys are great. Called Dan in service and he was nothing but GREAT help. they found the least expensive way of doing things for me. any other shop would've forced me into buying a new bumper. these guys straightened, welded, sanded, painted and re-taped it. AWESOME work guys. in Louisville frequently. 100% my go to guys when i go down there and need something. Thanks Fellas!"

Robert Brown

"It sucks to breakdown but nice to know their are some good companies left. Ziggy came out and got me going after my truck broke down. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks again Ziggy!"

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3433 South 7th St
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